Why is Hitler considered a good guy in China?

There are 1.3B Chinese. If you find a few guys considering Hitler a good guy, it hardly speaks for China! I’m sure if you look hard enough anywhere in the world, you can find a few guys here and there with fringe opinions. I used to go to China 4 times a year for business. I have never heard of such a thing that Hitler is considered a good guy there.

Further, China was an American ally during WWII. Germany was an enemy of the Allied nations. Granted the power had changed hands from the Nationalists to the Communists after WWII, but Hitler was always anti-communist!

Can you guess who is this cute-looking baby? He is none other than Hitler. Everyone at the time of birth is naive and when they are growing their character will build up and there will be a lot of influence by surroundings and people with whom one is associated. He became a great dictator and also a synonym for evil and hatred by killing thousands of Jewish people.

  1. Personality changes in Hitler started surfacing with the demise of his younger brother; from a confident, performance-oriented student to a detached grim boy, often picking up fights with his father and teachers. When Hitler wanted to be an artist, his father forced him to be a customs official. The rebellion went to the extent of Hitler supporting German Nationalism while his father proudly served the Austrian government. He even lost his mother because of breast cancer when he was just 18 years old.
  2. Hitler’s anti-semitism grew out of his Christian education. Austria and Germany were mainly Christian around that time and blamed the Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus. The hatred was inculcated by Catholic priests and Protestant ministers throughout Germany for centuries.

Here Hitler is posing a photo with a child like any other simple person. His ancestry and birth origin are still mysterious but there is a rumour that his ancestry has some psychological problems and he also had it. But to my knowledge even in China people are considering him as a bad person. In India, there are still some people who say they like Hitler, but they don’t give a reason when asked why. Maybe it is the same thing even in China.

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