How did Adolf Hitler view Greeks and Greek Peoples?

Adolph Hitler had tremendous respect for Greece, the Greek People, and its History. He went as far as to say, the Greek people are of the True Aryan race. He was infuriated at Mussolini’s move to invade Greece. Stating forcibly, that was not his intention, and out of much respect for Greece, he would not have invaded.

After Mussolini’s troops were defeated by the Greeks who were vastly outnumbered by the Italians, Hitler had to divert Troops from North Africa to bale out Mussolini. Even the German troops realized the highest number of deaths in one month, since the beginning of the NAZI campaigns.

How did Adolf Hitler view Greeks and Greek Peoples?

Greece finally fell to the Nazis, and many Greeks, fighting bravely with only farm implements left. However, this two (2) month delay, and the diversion of German forces, Caused the Germans to be bogged down in the Russian winter. Ultimately causing the defeat of NAZISM. Many German Generals attributed their loss, to the delay caused by having to invade Greece, to bale out Mussolini.

After the NAZI invasion of Greece, Hitler stated, if anyone deserves their freedom, and independence, it is the Greek people. No one has shown the bravery, courage, and desire for independence as the Greek people and their soldiers have shown on the battlefield.

When Greece finally fell, Sir Winston Churchill, in tribute to the Brave Fallen Greek soldiers. said

  • “Hence, we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks.”
  • When the Prime Minister of Greece said “Oxi” or “No” to the demand that Greece surrender, Greece stood virtually alone in the world against the seemingly unstoppable Axis forces. The Axis had crushed 15 countries including the greatest military at the time, France, they had a non-aggression pact with Russia and neutrality from America and Great Britain.
  • Greece was the first to defeat the Axis in WWII moving US President Franklin Roosevelt to say, “When the entire world had lost all hope, the Greek people dared to question the invincibility of the German monster raising against it the proud spirit of freedom.”
  • Greece’s actions in WWII may well be modern history’s most consequential example of David vs. Goliath’s courage.
  • Adolf Hitler also said: “The Greek soldier, above all, fought with the most courage.”

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