What did Hitler think of India and the Indian people?

Hitler greatly admired the English Colonial Empire & was inspired enough by it to make it a model of his proposed vassal State in Eurasia. Here, swathes of the population would be systematically turned to servility with brutal oppression & total eradication of their intellectual lot.

Their first, second & last concern would be the food & the wrath of the Commissar lording over them if they did little to earn their feed. These people would have short life spans & would be educated just enough to tell one traffic sign from another. They would be clothed just enough to have a certain measure of modesty, & mass sterilization programs would be undertaken to prevent the proliferation of their ‘mongrel lot’.

Their Cities would be obliterated & new Centres would be erected for the Master race; the rest would be on their own. They would not benefit from the State apparatus like the Master race would, to drive the message of their inferiority deep into their souls. Consequently, Hitler was greatly critical of the infrastructure built by the Empire in India, & was even more critical of their policy of hiring Indians in administration, & allowing native businessmen to thrive.

Picture a Cotton plantation in the American South of the mid-1800s, & you’d get a fair idea of how Hitler would have wanted the Indians to be treated.

Sources: Hitler by Ian Kershaw

The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich by William L Shirer

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