What did Hitler and Nazi Germany think about Blacks and Arabs?

Neither one fit into the Aryan utopia that was the ideal at the end of the great struggle that the Nazis were waging to make the world “pure”. But like the Japanese, who were hardly perfect Nordics, those Arabs who were opposed to the Zionists and the British would have been treated as “honorary Aryans” at least as long as this arrangement was convenient for the 3rd Reich.

Hitler and his ilk had nothing but complete disdain for blacks whom they considered among the lowest of untermensch as evidenced by his refusal to meet Jesse Owens in the 1936 Olympics. The fact that the French had many Africans in their colonial troops was frequently pointed to as among the reasons that France was unable to resist the German invasion in 1940.

Among other secrets that he kept from the boss, Goring had a large collection of “degenerate” American Negro jazz records that he kept hidden away with his trove of equally degenerate artwork that had been condemned and removed from the museums in Germany.

He also had a signed photo of Joe Louis in his sports collection to go along with his autographed photos of Max Baer and Billy Conn.

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