Shadow Neon in One Fight Guide in Gacha Club

Shadow Neon in One Fight Guide Gacha Club

If you’ve ever played Gacha Club, you would know about Shadow Neon. Since he is one of the strongest shadow corruption bosses, it’s not easy to beat him. Many gamers want to know how to beat Shadow Neon in one attack. It’s possible to beat Shadow Neon, yet it takes a little skill and expertise. Here you’ll learn how to win against Shadow Neon in one fight.

Who is Shadow Neon?

Shadow Neon is the first shadow boss and unit in Gacha Club. He is Merupo’s brother and Usalina’s best friend. It is expected that he may also appear in the new game WonderEnd.

How To Beat Shadow Neon in One Fight in Gacha Club?

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If you want to beat shadow neon in one fight, you should focus on using the right units because that counts. You will need to use some units that you don’t normally use. Always have MP boosters, one ultimate heal unit, a heal strike unit, and three ultimate debuff units with you. You need around three ultimate debuff units to prevent yourself from Shadow Neon’s attacks.

As soon as your ultimate debuff and MP boosters come back, make sure to use them. You will need the heal units when you have to protect the units from knocking out.

When you come in battle with Shadow Neon, always have a high base HP. In Gacha Club, every unit has a different stat. Some have a high HP while compromising on the defense and attack. When you select your units, always choose the one with the right skills and tons of HP.

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Also, you should have a lot of pets to give to your HP. After having the max level pets that have 100 units at LB 20, you can give your HP for the attack. However, if you aren’t at the end, you’ll still want to get more HP.

When you enter the fight with Shadow Neon, the first set of attacks should be your primary concern. Once you can get the critical low enough for him to tap your units, you can focus on conserving MP. You’re safe if you get across the first round with these units. At a unit level of 70, you won’t really be safe.

However, if you have enough HP, the mix of units is still unbeatable for most bosses. Shadow Neon is the hardest boss in the game. You may swap the ultimate debuffs for an ultimate buff if you’re fighting lower bosses to speed the battle.

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That’s really just all of it. You need to use the above strategy to beat Shadow Neon in one fight. With enough HP, you’ll be able to beat him without much effort, even if it seems a little hard at first.

The Verdict

Shadow Neon is the strongest boss in Gacha Club, and he’s surely not easy to defeat. It takes a lot of skill, combined with some tactics above, for him to get defeated. If you’ve read the strategies above, you’re ready to take Shadow Neon head-on for a battle! Let’s see if you can win.

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