Is Gacha Neon good or bad? (Review)

Is Gacha Neon good or bad

There’s always a bit of subjectivity when it comes to judging if a game is good or bad, but we can always go through some basic key points to analyze whether a game is worth playing or not. They can be very varied depending on the type of game we’re reviewing of course, as not all games should be judged the same way.

Is Gacha Neon good or bad

For instance, visual novels are pretty basic in terms of visuals and even gameplay, and that’s why they should not be judged using the same standards as you judge games like adventure or action games like first-person shooters. You can’t use the standards of gameplay in an adventure game and apply them to a card-based game, and the same goes for visuals. And what would happen if we use the same standards to judge a card game to judge a rhythm game? It would not work, that’s why we have to be very specific on how we judge games, and especially not compare games to completely different titles.

But, there are some exceptions here, and in some cases, you can easily, and rightly compare two games. For example, two games from the same genre, and with the same general style, even if it doesn’t get too into specifics. Where you can get more into specifics is when a game is a sequel, or a remake of something already established, so that you know both games’ baseline and where they differ.

Is Gacha Neon good or bad

But still, you shouldn’t compare a sequel to its previous game unless the new one has some big differences. This is true for most genres, but I think this is the best way to make a fair judgment. If a game is a sequel, at least give it the benefit of the doubt.

So, in the case of Gacha Neon, knowing that it is pretty much a modification of the game Gacha Life, it’s completely fair to make a comparison of the two of them. And when you compare these two, yes, Gacha Neon is a pretty good game. Even though it does borrow a lot of concepts from other games, it is still a very good game, and it deserves to be called a good game. The only problem is that it isn’t exactly original, and it could have used some more effort to stand out.

Is Gacha Neon good or bad

But since they went ahead and added so much more content and more personalization elements in a game where customization is key, it is an excellent upgrade of the original concept. It also adds in some mechanics that were missing in the original version. So yeah, it’s a very good game, and worth giving a try if you ever decide to do that. Especially when you take into consideration that it costs much less money to get really cool in the game when compared to the more popular gacha games that are pretty much a money pit.

So yes, they kept everything good from the original game and expanded upon that, adding more content and making it more interesting. There are even more ways to earn freebies, and the system itself is very well-balanced. And that’s how you make a good gacha game.

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