How To Battle in Gacha Club? (Real Life Experience)

How To Battle in Gacha Club

Ever since Lumine Art Studie released the series, the Gacha niche has become popular as a role-playing game. Gacha Club, the game’s most recent sequel, is all about social interactions, dress-up, mini-games, and battles. As a sequel to Gacha Life, the game has some interesting combat and battle elements. So, how do you battle in Gacha Club? Here, we’ve covered a list of tips that will help you in your battle!

How To Battle in Gacha Club

1.    Give Your Team an Upgrade

You can upgrade most Gacha characters in the game through the Units menu. When you upgrade your characters, you can improve their skills. That ensures that your characters give and receive greater damage. Upgrading your team also means enhancing the character level and skills. By upgrading the level, you increase their attack, defense, and HP, while upgrading skills improve their passive and active skill potency.

2.    Read the Skills of the Character

How To Battle in Gacha Club

Gacha Club fights are very simple. The battles are turn-based, where one-character attacks automatically, and the enemy returns the attack. The process goes on till one side loses. As you fight, the mana bar charges up, which the character uses for their special attack. With the vast number of characters, the skills are variable for each character, so always consider these skills when you make your team. Examine the skills of each character and then choose the ones you find to be the best match.

3.    Have the Best Characters on Your Team

When fighting in battle mode, having the perfect mix of characters on your team is essential. Select characters that complement one another’s skills to achieve the perfect combo! When you know your team’s skills, you can easily fight against your enemies.

4.    Begin With Story Battles

How To Battle in Gacha Club

While Gacha Club is about having fun, you’ll want to consider the main story first when you’re in battle mode. Stay focused on the main story of the game. As you level up, you will receive many valuable materials and gems you can use later to power your team. That way, you can take on harder battles in the game’s story mode.

5.    Play The Fantastic Mini-Games

On your break from battle mode, explore and try out different mini games. Lemo & Yumi Dance, Memory Match, Mascot Whack, and Usagi vs. Neko are the four most popular ones. These mini games are not just entertaining; they also give you extra gold and other amazing rewards. Simply, you can use these resources to fight better in battle mode.

6.    Don’t Forget to Enjoy!

How To Battle in Gacha Club

Gacha Club is mostly about character engagement and interaction. So be creative with your characters and try new strategies in battle mode. Make your own engaging story from various backgrounds in the game’s Studio Mode. While you battle competitively, don’t forget to have fun and earn rewards!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read about how to battle in Gacha Club, you’re ready to play the game! Do you think you have it in your to win your battles? You will never you until you try. Battle in Gacha Club with the tips above, and let us know what you think!

How To Battle in Gacha Club

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