Has Hitler ever mentioned Einstein by name publicly?

There is no credible evidence or documented instance where Adolf Hitler directly mentioned Albert Einstein by name in any of his public speeches or official statements. Hitler, as the leader of Nazi Germany, did not specifically refer to Einstein in any known public address or proclamation.

While Einstein was a vocal critic of the Nazi regime and a prominent figure in the scientific community, Hitler’s speeches and writings focused more broadly on his political ideologies, racial theories, and agendas rather than singling out specific individuals, including Einstein.

However, it’s important to note that Einstein’s works and his Jewish heritage made him a target of Nazi propaganda and persecution. The Nazi regime’s hostility towards Jews and intellectuals, including Einstein, was evident through the government’s actions, such as the burning of Einstein’s scientific writings and relentless attacks on him in the German press.

While Hitler may have indirectly alluded to or indirectly condemned intellectuals or Jews in his speeches, there is no recorded instance of him explicitly mentioning Albert Einstein by name in a public address or official communication.

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