Did Hitler honestly think he was more intelligent than Albert Einstein?

He defined intelligence as a part of having mastery of all he surveyed. People things, events, precious objects, land, governments, society, etc. In a dominating way suffused with the destructiveness that comes naturally to those glorying in an unbalanced state of masculinity, uninformed by any of the civility & psychological balance – given it by the minimum, necessary amount of the feminine – necessary for sanity. Women also need a touch of masculinity to be psychologically balanced.

I’m sure he was aware that Einstein had substantial, scientific ability. It’s just that he would’ve downplayed or dismissed it as mere cleverness, absent the will to power (as he narrowly & savagely defined it). He knew how to manipulate events & people which became a self-fulfilling prophecy regarding his greatness (in his eyes). Which meant he rationalized he was a visionary in ways that eclipsed all others. Truly solipsistic. Since there was no true love in him for anything, he could never be wise (Understanding a depth of why as well as having no introspection).


He had so many enablers on such a scale that he was able to be infinitely self-congratulatory about it. A perverse genius (in narrow but creatively destructive ways) was part of his makeup that allowed him to rationalize it all. We now know his abuse as a child stimulated him to use his abilities to compensate for the pain he felt, in epically hurtful ways, to countless others.

When confronted with greater power used successfully against him, he chose to throw the most childishly destructive tantrum conceivable. He fervently ordered the destruction of Berlin (scorched earth policy) & had all his top staff kill themselves, as he did to himself.

The same kind of immaturity that we’ve all seen expressed elsewhere, only turbocharged. His cleverness (obsessed with how) & depth of cunning for manipulating others, combined with a specifically, Germanic, authoritarian charisma make him a little more interesting, but in the end an oddly talented yet tragic, childish figure – who made a really big mess. That consumed him. We forget he was in power for only 7 years.

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