Is Gacha Neon game good or bad? (Review)

Is Gacha Neon game good or bad? (Review)

There's always a bit of subjectivity when it comes to judging if a game is good or bad, but we can always go through some basic key points to analyze whether a game is worth playing or not.

They can be very varied depending on the type of game we're reviewing of course, as not all games should be judged the same way.

For instance, visual novels are pretty basic in terms of visuals and even gameplay, and that's why they should not be judged using the same standards as you judge games like adventure or action games like first-person shooters.

You can't use the standards of gameplay in an adventure game and apply them to a card-based game, and the same goes for visuals.

And what would happen if we use the same standards to judge a card game to judge a rhythm game? It would not work, that's why we have to be very specific on how we judge games,

and especially not compare games to completely different titles. But, there are some exceptions here, and in some cases, you can easily, and rightly compare two games.

For example, two games from the same genre, and with the same general style, even if it doesn't get too into specifics.